EN1A Bright Bars

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EN1A bright bars have special properties that make it extremely suitable for the industrial machining process. Because of its unique composition, this low carbon steel bar can be passed through abrading, grinding, or geometric cutting.

Add speed to your industrial production process by using only the best quality EN1A bright bar manufacturer in Pune.

Why Choose Us?

  • Hindustan Ferro has created a name for itself as a leading manufacturer, supplier, exporter, and distributor of cold rolled bright bars.
  • The availability of EN1A bright bars in multiple shapes sizes and quantity makes us the top choice of manufacturer for companies serving various industry verticals.
  • We supply EN1A bright bars in a wide range of dimensions - from 22mm to 80mm
  • All our products are delivered after rigorous testing at our own facility in Pune
  • We keep client empathy over everything else, and this explains the decades old relationship we sustain with your esteemed clients.

Advantages of EN1A Bright Bar

  1. Low Carbon composition makes it extremely flexible to cut into required shape
  2. Higher Sulphur and Phosphorus makes it attractive for industrial machining process for a wide range of applications
  3. For precision based close tolerances, EN1A bright bar is a best fit steel type
  4. The unique chemical properties provides a lubricating effect thus making it viable for detailed machining process
  5. We make the EN1A bright bar available is hexagon, square, round or flat shape
  6. Wide usage for all mechanical operations that doesn’t involve high stress to the bright bar
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  • Features & Specification

    1. Low Carbon composition of less than 0.25%
    2. Good for free cutting suitable for bulk production volume
    3. 180-210 °C – is the range at which the EN1A can be tempered
    4. Typical composition (%)
    • Sulphur = 0.30 – 0.60
    • Phosphorus = 0.06 – 0.07
    • Silicon = 0.10 – 0.35
    1. Mechanical properties
    British BS 970:1991 230M07 Pb
    European Standard EN10277-3
    European Steel No. 1.0718
    European Steel Name 11SMnPb30
    Swedish SS 1914
    German DIN 9SMn28Pb
    American SAE 12L14
    French AFNOR S250Pb
    1. Not recommended for welding because of its low carbon content

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